Russell Meyers

Russell Meyers, the owner and founder of MEYERS Properties, has been involved with custom residential and commercial construction services in South Florida, since 1988.

Raised in North Miami Beach, (“The Lego Years”) through college (B.S. Degree in Construction Management from Florida International University) and beyond, Russell has gained the knowledge and experience to become an “Award-Winning Builder”, specializing in residential knockdowns and rebuilds, large-scale additions and renovations, and commercial construction.

Since founding MEYERS Properties – Building Services, Russell and his company have repeatedly demonstrated four critical attributes: Consistency, Reliability, Open Lines of Communication, and High Quality Standards.

Advantages of Hiring MEYERS Properties

Emphasis on Clients Interests and Concerns:

At MEYERS Properties we pride ourselves on actually listening to our clients. Due to our high visibility of supervision, you will find it’s easier to discuss requests, questions or concerns.

Advantage 1: Allows changes to occur prior to work starting, thus reducing costs.

Quality and Cost-Effective Construction:
On every project, MEYERS Properties follows proven quality control methods enabling us to control the quality of construction and costs.

Advantage 2: Increases productivity and accuracy of completion dates.

Services That Make a Difference:
MEYERS Properties offers complete turnkey construction and realty services: thereby allowing our clients to purchase, build, add to, renovate, their home or facility, with one company who will be fair and professional.

Advantage 3: Reduces Clients time and money.

Honest, Professional, and Trustworthy:
At MEYERS Properties you will find, throughout our office, that honesty, professionalism, and trustworthiness are the foundation of our business and relationships.

Advantage 4: Allows our clients to relax and have confidence in their builder.

It’s the Experience:
MEYERS Properties offers its clients almost 30 years of construction and development experience working within South Florida. Specializing in knockdown\rebuild and large scale additions and renovations of residential and commercial projects.

Advantage 5: Gives clients confidence knowing MEYERS Properties is stable.

Our Philosophy:
Service, Quality, and Value: At MEYERS Properties we believe that by providing service, quality, and value, we will be guaranteeing ourselves a future of successful relationships and loyal clients.

Advantage 6: Allows our clients to understand the beliefs of our company.